Procurement (purchasing) internship- GSK (glaxosmithkline) ASSESSMENT CENTRE


I have an AC for a procurement internship with GSK next week.

-Could anyone provide me with some insight into the GSK assessment centre?
-Or give me any more information about the role? Daily duties? It is all a bit hazy on the corporate website.

I am apprehensive about the Analytical Reasoning Test… again, any insight?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Lauren,

I know it seems like a while since you went for the AC at gsk. Wanted to ask about the phone interview. Do you by any chance remember what they ask? any technical questions?

did you get the internship btw.? What is it like to work for them?



Hi kate, really sorry but can’t remember! My general experience of telephone interviews is that they are highly compitancy based. Be able to answer the following:
why gsk
why purchasing
why they should employ you (what sets u apart etc)
and have lots of examples of teamwork/leadership etc

I didn’t get the job, the ac is a tough one- 2days! But don’t let that put you off.

Best of luck,


Hi Lauren,
Can u pls give some insights about the AC, coz i hv one (exactly same) coming up soon! Would appreciate if u can write in detail like what r the steps of AC, brief explanation of each and some real examples.

Look forward to hearing from u soon. Thanks in advance.