Procter & Gamble Summer Internship interview + reasoning test

Procter & Gamble


I am invited to a day-visit after applying online for the R&D European programme. It will be including a 1 hour reasoning test and interviews.

I am actually not very sure what to expect for the interviews. Does anyone have experience on it? And what will be the next step of the application process?

Cheers, Carrie



I have been invited to take P&G’s in-person Global Reasoning Test at P&G. It is a 65 minutes test and has 40 multiple choice questions. It has 3 sections- numerical reasoning questions, logic-based reasoning questions and figural reasoning questions. I would like to ask anyone who has taken the test the following questions

How was the test?

How many questions did each of the three sections have?

What advice do you have regarding how I can best prepare for it?
(especially since I would like to pass the test, get as high a mark and possible and be invited to the interview)




I got an invite to do a face to face interview as part of my application to the Financial Analyst role at Procter & Gamble (P&G). I would like to ask anyone who has done this interview or any interview for any role at P&G the following questions.

What questions were asked during the interview?

Were all the questions strength/competency/motivation questions?

Were there any technical questions?

I would also like to ask what advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?



The numerical reasoning consists of 15 questions, the logical reasoning consists of 10 while the figure reasoning questions consists of 15, making a total of 40 questions.
It is preferable to start with the easiest section as time is limited, for me I started with the figure reasoning questions, and then moved on to the logic section with numerical being the last I attempted.
Hope this was helpful.