problem solving as competence


how to answer the quetion


I’m unsure of your exact interview question but this link on typical problem solving questions might help you somewhat


With a problem solving competence question, the interviewer will want you to identify the problem, break it down and offer a solution. For example, it could be that you have dealt with a difficult customer. The interviewer would expect you to tell them what the customer’s issue was, how you dealt with the issue and what the outcome was. They want you to break the problem down, rather than just telling them what the problem was. I hope that helps!


Problem Solving - something we do in every day life - we just don’t think about it in that way. Employers want to understand the thought processes you apply when faced with a problem. Try to provide evidence that is Relevant, Recent and Impactful (RRI) - for example, you may refer to a course project you worked on at uni where you had to evaluate a lot of alternative options before arriving at a solution. The employer can then consider how the evidence translates to the role you are being considered for. Good luck!