Problem Solving as competence in interview


“Can you give me an example of when you’ve shown the ability to Problem Solve”?

I’m really struggling with this interview question. Can anyone help?


Employers are seeking to assess your ability to break down problems and work through them to a satisfactory outcome - they want to understand your thinking process so that they may then translate that to the job/company you are being considered for. Perhaps you can consider a situation such as a group project at university where you had to evaluate a lot of data - think about how you did that - what decisions did you have to make to eliminate some of the choices to help you arrive at the right conclusion? You may even call upon a situation in your part-time job if applicable; even the course you undertook required that you had to evaluate lots of options. We problem solve on a daily basis without actually thinking about it in that context. I’m certain you can recall many examples now with this refreshed mind-set. Good luck!


Hi, here are some pages that might help… luck!