Private Equity Firms & Summer Internships - The Blackstone Group


Anyone made the application to do a summer analyst internship at the Blackstone Group, pretty rare private equity internship. Specifically for the London office as your first choice, Its been about 2 & half weeks since the application, I know, I know not too long but wondered if anyone has heard anything.

As far as im aware they conduct their 1st round interviews in January/February.



I applied for Blackstone internship as well. Havent heard from them yet. Have you? Any idea about their recruitment process?


I applied for an internship in their Advisory & Restructuring Team and was invited to a interview via phone this week. Does anybody have any information what they will ask in a phone interview? Just motivational and personal stuff or also technical things? Any experiences around?


sorry mate, not hear from them yet…no clue…but good luck to you! :slight_smile:


didn’t hear anything from them yet.
@Gubalulin: could you, pls, share any info how it was and what they asked! Would be really appriciated!