Private Banking


This is an area that seems to have take a back seat in studies but with many more people now becoming millionaires in part thanks to the Lottery there is a growing interest in this field but I have struggled to find any particular course of study or any modules in a degree that focus on this. AM I alone in this?
The only ray of hope I have discovered is the London School of Private Banking who run a short 5 day course which covers:
a)The best practice of Private Banking, including asset allocation and estate planning.
b)Management skills to profitably run a Private Banking business.
c)The experience shared by a Swiss Private Banker.
d) The opportunity to network and discuss Private Banking with peers from all over Europe / the world.
e) The most current information on the Private Banking industry.
This will certainly allow people with an interest in Private Banking to get a feel for it but at a cost of £4595 it is expensive.
The area of Private Banking involves:
a) Private Bankers
b) Wealth Managers
c) Relationship Managers
d) Family Office Managers
e) Investment Managers
f) Trust Managers
g) Department Heads
This list shows the breadth of Private Banking and as one of my sons is in Coutts I would hope that he could further his education in this area. This course is a start but I know it does not give depth. Are there any courses that can compliment this?


This is an issue which many universities are waking up to. As I have stated before I am involved in university teaching and my faculty has discussed this issue of private banking and how we should incorporate courses in “Private Banking” and “Wealth Management”. As with all other universities the diversity of courses has to viewed in the light of the uptake and also the diminishing funds available. many universities see value in this area but the status quo must be maintained. What Pomponian has highlighted is good but will only serve as a “refresher or outline”. Some universities do run courses which will incorporate Wealth Management and I would be pleased if somebody who has knowledge of these could post on here. The issue is that trying to keep pace with the ever changing world of finance and business means that some courses lag behind whilst others are “in progress” but need constant revision. The more people can post on what they wish to be taught so that they can effectively enter the world of business then the better the tuition can be provided.