Primark Assesment


Hi, is anyone going to the assessment day for Primark? or has anyone gone to it in the past?
any help on what i should revise for the maths test and what was your presentation about?


Yeah, I’m going to the assessment day for trainee fashion buyer! I have to do a SWOT analysis on the footwear range. What do you have to do for yours?


I have to so a swot for girls children department, sooo stressed, I have an aasessment day for another company the day before aswell!


A friend of mine has already been through the Primark Assessment day. She said the maths test has a section on percentages, ratios and sales figures (converting into ratios)… so definitely revise ratios :slight_smile:

It is so stressful trying to prepare for more than one job at once, so much research needed! I’m sure you’ll do great though. Good luck!


When is your assessment day if you don’t mind me asking?
If its been - how did you get on?