Hi, i am having difficulty answers the following Q’s…any hints or tips

Please provide an example of a challenge that you have faced while in a leadership or coaching role. What did you do to overcome this challenge?

Can someone give me an example…i dont quite understand the question

Please describe your career aspirations. What are you currently doing to develop yourself on a personal and professional front to achieve these goals?
Any examples of this too


For leadership, use an example when you have led a team or organised something - for example, you ran a football team at uni or a society maybe. Maybe you headed up a team at a previous job. Anything where you’ve had to earn the respect of others.

For personal and professional development- things like work experience, reading journals, internships etc will apply here. Good answers for aspirations include running your own business, for example. You might also envisage yourself as a manager at PwC some years down the line.

You’ll be reasked all these questions at interview too, so be aware of that!

Do ask if you need something moree specific!