Previous Application


Has anyone done this? : Ticked NO to a question “Have you applied XXX before?” even when you have applied before but the application was not successful? Has anyone done this? if yes, what was the outcome?


With PwC you cannot start another application from 6 months from the point of the last application submission.

With KPMG and Deloitte, that question is on their forms and if you tick yes it tells you it must be 12 months on from the last unsuccessful attempt, or you cannot continue with the form.

I would not advise saying no if you have had an unsuccessful attempt. I failed my PwC forst round interview last year but it hasn’t been mentioned once this year. Maybe because it’s a different office, I don’t know.

Has this answered your question?


How many times do you people need to be advised? Don’t lie on application forms.
Perhaps if you were applying to the Estate Agency business then lies are the norm …
You are applying to the accountancy profession. Trustworthiness and honesty are fairly fundamental in this profession.
If I found out that a candidate had lied at any level I would not employ him. I would never feel able to trust him or rely on him.


Dai_t75 thanks for your advice, I failed my first round with PWC last year, It has been over a year now i can apply again. The question was asked out of interest. I would not lie anywhere in my application form tutor. Just wanted to see what people might have done. Also, there is no point in lying after a years time between the two applications.

I have just received rejection from KPMG, i do not know why! just wondering what else I can do with my Distinction in MSc Accounting and Finance? A level results and others are fine but still they rejected my application saying my results did not meet their requirements. Are they actually hiring at all…??