Previous Application


Can one say NO to a question “Have you applied XX before?” even when he/she has applied before but the application was not successful? Has anyone done this? if yes, what was the outcome?


Generally they have records of previous applications and can check - infact on some systems whn you log in again the next year it still shows your previous application.

Some people have signed up again using a different email and their middle name etc. but 99% of the time they find out and reject your application

Also if they were to find out after you got the job you could be dismissed

It is generally better to be truthful and say that you did apply before and then if at interview they ask you about it point out which skills and competencies you have improved on since the last application


thanks for the post mate, last year, my friend did not show his college education on the application and I did not show my work experience thinking it might have been irrelevant to the post.

now, i we put those missing details, what might XXX think about that.



they will probably not think very well of it - they are most likely to think that you have just made it up this year to make your application look better unfortunately

I would say the best thing is to ring HR and explain that you didn’t realise it was relevant and didn’t include it and that now you realise it is and that you have learnt many new skills over the last year and see what they say

however you are likely to be asked more about it at interview etc.

It is likely to be difficult to get through this application process


I applied twice in one year for the same job. Obviously failed the first time but was successful the second and i told them at the second one that i had applied before.

So its not neccessairly going to work against you.