Pressure questions


Having difficulty answering the following question in a good enough way: “Describe a time when you had to work under pressure”. And lots of variants of this question.

Can anyone share your thoughts on how to answer it?

I think we’ve all been in pressurising situations for exams etc but i cant think of a unique constructive example where ive been in a high pressured situation. The examples ive seen to this pressure questions are from people who have had typical high pressure jobs e.g. fireman having to rescue people out of a burning builidng / paramedic saving someones life. These are not things i have ever done and i think my jobs and extracurriculars have only required the normal things that one would be expected to do e.g. admin / solving basic customer queries etc so im not sure how to answer it as such.


Another variant = “Tell me about a stressful situation that occurred repeatedly on your last job and how you handled it.”


well you worked with customers and they can be difficult. maybe there was an instance one was being particularly difficult and you had a long list of customers waiting, and you had to deal with them quickly but in a way to retain good customer relationship. or something.