Hi guys,

I have an final interview this week with Deloitte… and obviously that involves a presentation. I’m pretty happy with the topic and content of my presentation. But I was told: “You may want to bring a handout for your interviewer but please note that you will not have access to an overhead projector, flip chart or computer.”

Okay so no slides. I think I’ll be okay at presenting, with minimal notes if any. But would you suggest I do create a handout for the interviewer? Maybe with 5 or 6 slides on? What would you put in the handout? What would make an impact? I don’t want to just give out a summary of my presentation. Or do I?! I would usually rely on 3 or 4 VERY simple slides just to help guide the talk, so I am a little stuck here.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there,

In my experience (I have presented/ pitched a lot and also had graduates present to me), it seriously helps to have hard copies of the slides for the interviewer (helps you and helps them). They don’t have to be very detailed - in fact it helps if they are not - but it helps them see the structure and form of your presentation, and will really help you to be clear with your points. It is much easier to follow this way. Then they can concentrate solely on your presentation skills and any detail you give - as no energy is being wasted on thinking about where you are up to or what is the overriding subject.

If you do give slides, make sure you give some direction in relation to where you are up to. I would recommend using title slides with one or two points. Don’t overwhelm the interviewer with text! You are correct in having very simple slides.

For example:

  • point 1
  • point 2
  • summary

And make sure you talk AROUND your points. Don’t just read off the page.

Hope this helps!
Good luck