Presentation for NHS Band 6 interview - Help please!


Hi All,

I have just been called to interview and have to prepare a 10 minute presentation by Friday 6th July. I have little presenting experience (including PowerPoint), furthermore have never had to present at interview. I would really appreciate any advice or guidance you can offer, as am feeling a little pressured! The topic is typed below.

Thanks! Paul

“Your organisation is undergoing a restructure programme. Explain how you would prepare for, schedule and complete a change in work responsibilities for an established administrative team. The team includes a variety of staff from junior administrative roles through to senior management. Include timeframes, stakeholders and a description of risks and mitigation.”


Hi Paul! How was the presentation? Wished I saw your post earlier!

I train people to do good presentations through tailor made courses. In the future, if you need any help on doing presentations, let me know. I’m setting up my own company in presentation training., and I could give you a free 40 mins session as an introductory to help you in the assessment.

Hope all went well!


"The content of speech (the actual words used by the speaker) accounts for only about 7% of meaning. The way it’s said (pitch and tone of the speaker’s voice for example) accounts for about 38% of meaning, and the body language of the speaker accounts for the remaining 55%. "


i got a 15 mts presentation tomorrow,help


Hi vselin35.

What is the presentation about?


Hi, I am having interview in few days for band 6, have to prepare 10min presentation on band 6 staff nurse role, not sure how to strat, can anyone help please? Thank you.