preparation for pwc assessment center ING


Have you been in a situation where you have provided feedback to someone, both positive and negative examples required.

What kind of example is approprite?
is it ok that i give feedback to a friend of mine about the attitude of work?
I think it sounds trivial…

any suggestions?
and what kind of answer the HR expected to hear?

Thanks a lot!


Any kind of example is ok, as long as you structure your answer well and explain why your positive and negative feedback was useful, and also, make sure you make it clear why both positive and negative feedback is useful!


I have the same question. Actually I can’t catch the point of this question? Does it mean, you give a feedback containing both positive and negative? For example, I might admit his work was done well, but still something could be improved if he can do this this this…

Is it the point of this question?

Thanks again to all.


I am preparing this question about a bad performance company…

Give me an example of a company you thought was poor and discuss?
I think marks and Spencer did not do well recently. Shares in Marks & Spencer have fallen by two thirds in 18 months, hitting a 7.5 year low of 191p on Tuesday. Especially during current recession, there is a gloom on high street, Consumers are increasingly cautious about their budgets. I think there are many used-to-be customers of m&s choosing cheaper alternatives before Christmas. The consumer confident is fragile and the retail environment is unpredictable. Thus, the m&s has reported a sharp drop in sales down 6.1 per cent. The spokesman said it would cut investment in the business and put tight controls on costs. And there are dozens of head office jobs are cut following its decision to scale back its store expansion and refurbishment program.

What you guys think about my answer? thanks a lot