Practicing for online assessments, and PwC's "working styles preferences questionnaire"


So I’m trying to prepare for online assessment right now, which includes:

  1. Numerical Reasoning Test
  2. Logical Reasoning Test
  3. Working styles preferences questionnaire

Are there good resources available to practice for these tests, or would I get better practice in with those paid practice tests?

What kind of Logical Reasoning Test is it going to be?
Is it something like this:
Or something like this:
or something else entirely?

Finally, how can I practice for Working styles preferences questionnaire? I have a feeling this one is going to be the toughest for me.


Hi there

I’m not so sure about the working style preferences questionnaire, but for numerical or logical reasoning tests, take a look at either JobTestPrep, Graduate Monkey or Assessment Day. WikiJob also has a numerical/verbal practice tests package that is probably worth looking at (see ‘Aptitiude Tests’ above).


The working preference questionnaire is like this:

there’s 104 questions in total in this style, is there a good place to practice these in?


Interesting - it looks a bit like a personality test for work-based situations. If it helps, there’s more on personality tests here:

Good luck!