Practice interview opportunity



Just wondered if anyone else has been invited and is going to the practice interview sessions in Reading on the Weds 9th April…



For what company?




No, but they sound interesting. Are they being run by the company or the Uni or a third party organisation?


I did one of these for Deloitte. Brilliant practice- I did three Deloitte style practice interviews back to back and it really helped me get the job at both Deloitte and my PwC interview the following week.


Its being run by KPMG themselves. My actual interview is not til next Tuesday. They are training some of their staff on how to interview tomorrow, so I guess they wanted volunteers for that. I think it will be great practice, but I’m still very nervous as I don’t think I am fully prepared yet.


Which scheme? I just had my Reading interview last week for KPMG. Honestly speaking I didn’t do the practice interview and still got through the assessment centre. So I wouldn’t worry if you haven’t got time right now, but if you have then I would say go for it, it cannot hurt!



do you mind giving me tips for the deloitte final round interview, i would appreciate any heads up regaring the etray and partner interview


Hey Shaka,

First of all, have you seen this - - it may be of use!



Went to the practice session today. It was very useful… Had 2 kpmg style interviews, and received feedback at the end of the day. The questions asked were exactly like those outlined in most of the other posts, and the competencies tested are only the ones they tell you they will test you on.

Main feedback point I received was to be specific when talking about anything. They love it when you are! This shows you have done your research/prep.


Hey guys, does anyone know how to register for practise interview…thanks!