PR consultantcy specialising in public sector assessment centre


Hey guys,

Just after any tips anyone might have on attending a pr assessment centre as these are fairly new to me.

Also I have to perform the following and would appreciate any tips anyone from the inudstry might have :slight_smile: esp on the structure of the presentation - subheadings points to look at that type of thing and ways I can make it creative !!


We’d like you to produce a five minute presentation looking at how a particular news story was treated by different media outlets on any given day. It can be any news story, on any day between now and the selection day and we’ll also leave the choice of media outlets to you – what we’re looking for is insight and analysis.

This will be followed by panel questions on your presentation and general questions on your skills and abilities


come on gys REPLY!!! PLEASE!


Hey hyufci.

What firm’s are you attending assessment centres for?

Have you read the article - [[presentation]]?

you should pick something relevant - so something public sector related. You should then pick a range of media (diverse in terms of political, in terms of media type – e.g video/radio/print/web – and diverse in terms of audience --e.g. youth, old, middle-aged).

I’d look at how these outlets put their slant on the piece - or if they did/didn’t take a slant - and also look at how other stories that day may have affected the story in question.

You should also explain why certain media picked up the story, why the story was relevant to those media outlet’s audiences and think about how to phrase press releases to attract various types of media in future.

That make sense?

Good luck - let us know how your interviews go!


Ok thanks.

Well I looked at the bbc news and programmes like this week on politics and question time etc, channel four news, i listened to a few radio shows. I looked at alll of the papers that day and several blogs, plus digg, twitter, facebook youtube etc…

But im jsut completely confused! Do you think it would be better to focus on a few selected things say one or two papers, one or two tv programmes and few internet things and compare them or do more an overview…

Also I am a bit confused over whether to focus more on an analysis of the content and the portrayl of the story by the media or the different ways it was treated by different media e.g i did the carol thatcher and the golliwog story which was hyped in the papers but nt in the news the day I looked, so trying to explan this. analyse why it appealed to the papers and not the news…

I think amybe I have looked at the question to long and got myself ina tizz over what it is referring to…

Help please lol


I think select a few media to discuss… a selection is good from print, web, social media, etc. You could focus on content AND portrayal, or pick one and focus only on that. Your time is limited.

Perhaps you could focus on “portrayal in social media” only. Or “content on web compared to content in print media”. Those would be interesting presentations!

Regarding the Golliwog story - Charlie Brooker (Google him if you don’t know) was discussing on TV how the press is becoming much less impartial and much more sensationalist in their coverage of the news - the reason for this is that people aren’t buying as many papers as they used to be. People search Google when they want news, and find it, or just get the news from the free press… so the only way papers can sell copies is if they have very sensational and emotionally provocative articles that get people stirred up enough to really want to read them e.g. articles on Race (Thatcher Golliwog story), death (Jade Goody story), sex (Russel Brand/Andrew Sach’s daughter fetish story) or celebrities doing bad things (Jonathan Ross + Russel Brand).

I think that’s something you could analyse… if you look at how the press, TV and web covered the Golliwog story.


Thanks for that alot dude!

Sticking to print and online media now! Looked at all the papers that day tabloid and boradsheet, few magazines, then onlien news like Yahoo, blogs and New social media. Made it easier alot easier to compact into five minutes!

Got a few good ideas

Looked at hows newspapers in India dealt with story ( they have been v.scathing of brit media since shilpa shetty incident).

Also looked at local paper of an ethinically diverse area to see how they dealt with it. Made some good observations on how local papers make national stories local.

Also thinking about purpose/audience as you mentioned before!

If you have anymore suggestions then feel free to psot!

Thanks very much again!