Potential phone interview?!



Hi there,

I received an email saying I’ve passed the screening stage and to wait for a phone interview but KPMG recruit on a rolling basis and roles might be filled etc…

That was sent on 30th October and I haven’t heard anything yet? I’m probably just being impatient but does anyone have any ideas of when I might be contacted?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

Thank you for your email. It can take around 4 weeks to have your telephone interview scheduled once you have been told you successfully passed the screening stage. Can I ask what programme you have applied to and your full name? I can then have a look on our system.

Louise Wheeler


Hi Louise! Sorry I’ve only seen this reply now! I’ve had an email last week saying they’ll definitely be in touch in the next 4 weeks - it’s management consulting and my name is Niamh Merrigan - thank you so much for following up - fingers crossed someone will be in touch soon! Thanks.