Post-offer screening


Afternoon all,

Sorry to make my first post something so ridiculous, but I was hoping for some advice regarding a worry I’m having. I have recently been accepted for a placement in the Banking sector subject to a final screening process. When I applied, I naturally ticked the box for being predicted a 2.1, despite having received a 2.2 in my first year (not going to insult you with excuses, needless to say I should have done better). We are not given formal degree predictions as a part of our course, although I am fairly sure I will get a 2.1 minimum overall, and probably a second year average of a 2.1 also. My question is what do these screening processes entail, will I be required to provide an academic reference (as I expect) and will my previous results cause a problem.

Again, sorry to ask such a mundane question.



You might get lucky this time- later on in the process (ie, applying for a graduate position) I’d expect them to kick you out without hesitation if it turns out you’d lied about a predicted grade. For a course like yours without official ‘predicted’ grades, you’re expected to put down your current grade, which for you is a 2.2, not simply what you think you might get.

Also, some (hopefully helpful) advice, unless you had some valid extenuating circumstance this year (ie, death in the family), then what grade you’re getting now is most likely what you’ll end up with. I’ve seen literally hundreds of people tell themselves they’ll work harder next year and get up to a 2.1, and while some do it, most don’t. Remember, typically the course will get harder too, so you’ll have to work much harder to just get a slightly better grade. But it’s better to go through this process now than in 1-2 years time when it’s too late to change.