Post Graduate Courses or Experience That Help When Applying to IB's


I graduated with a 2.1 in Engineering in the last academic year and I have not been successful in progressing within the IB recruitment processes. I am looking to sky-rocket my suitability to succeed in an Investment Bank and would like some advice. I am thinking of doing a post graduate degree in a related field at a recognised university. Also I have no relevant experience for Banking and obviously would like to get some, but I do not know where to start.

So what I am asking is if anyone can offer me suggestions on PG courses at Top UK (and maybe EU) Universities which would hopefully have some work placement in relevant roles but well priced which I can afford (unlike the £20,000+ that some MSc in Finance’s cost). Maybe you have done one, or maybe you know someone who has, any suggestion will help.

Also suggestions on how I can acquire relevant work experience, I have asked a number of these banks if they would allow me to voluntarily offer help or be an assistant for one of their employees, however some have declined stating that voluntary work can not be contracted and without a contract, they would not let me go near sensitive material due to data protection and risk of repercussions from clients if data leaked.


At the top UK Unis all finance degrees are around 18-20k. You can google the top mainland european unis and do an Msc there (should be cheaper), but more important is getting work experience! Best tip I can give you is apply for off cycle internships in Europe, easier to get into than London.