Possible to take A lvls while at Uni?


Ok well I would basically to do an A lvl in: biology, chemistry or physics this year. I will be starting the 2nd year of my Management Studies course at Nottingham in a few weeks and was wondering whether its doable to study for an A lvl in either of those subjects.

Also if it is possible what is the normal practice to do it? Is it possible to study full time if it fits around your main studies or is it best to study night classes? I’ve started looking around some colleges courses in Nottingham and none of them offer any night time A lvl courses which I find ridiculous as my home town in the middle of no where offers them where as a big city such as Nottingham wont.

I have also considered just self teaching the syllabus to myself but I’d rather have a classroom environment tbh. If I was to self teach would I just need to pay for a seat at the individual exams and turn up on the day? Or is there anything else I’m forgetting.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


It is possible to do it. That’s exactly what I’m doing this year. You need to first of all decide what examining body you want to take it with. Most probably it will be AQA. If it is, go on the AQA website and look for a document called assessment centres. That’s basically a list of schools that will let you take the exam there.

You pay your own fee to the Examining body, and just sit the exam in the assessment centre when they tell you. You will have to call the examining body and find out more details. but I hope I answered your question.

Classroom environment wise, I think you would have to enrol to a college which is probably too late now. Your best bet is to self teach yourself because then you can fit your study time according to your Uni time.

I will do my own research on Monday and see what AQA says to me. I will let you know.

Anyways, Goodluck!