Possible to re-apply?



I completed an internship at deloitte this summer but failed to secure an offer as i shunned the depts i worked in and had a partner int for TS which did not go well. unfortunately i was unsuccessful at AC stage with EY for TS also, and rejected for recovery/restructuring at app stage for kpmg and pwc.

as im v keen to work for a big 4 firm, i was wondering whether i could re-apply to deloitte. i know they say you cant apply for a year if unsuccessful, but i was successful in securing the vacation work, even though i was turned down for a grad job at the end of the internship.

if someone could shed some light on this issue that would be great


I think you still have to wait 12 months but I guess you could ring up and check!
You could always look at smaller firms too if not. Good luck



I totally understand your position in this matter. However, I think that it does not worth re-applying, as HR people in Big4 have really good memories, believe me! Especially in Deloitte, where applications are checked by the only HR person.

Even if by any chance you get through the application stage, before an interview or an AC they will check once again whether candidate is not a dupplicate one. Therefore, I think, re-applying will be the waste of your time, which you can use for other alternative applications.

All the best.


Hi guys,

I was rejected after first interview in the manchester office, its been 3 months now and ive re applied to the leeds office for the same job do yu think ive any chance of getting through?


Which firm? Doubt it because I know for atleast two of the Big 4 they file all records (including interview notes whether successful or not) for each candidate so they would look into their systems and see your previous details… Unless maybe you added a middle name to your new application so it won’t be flagged on their system…


its Deloitte and i used the same names


I think all the Big4 have centralized HRM system. Whether you apply Leeds or any other office your files are kept in the database. Your name might already have flashed in their system as a “re-applicant”. I think you should allow at least 6 month gap before reapplying. But it is again depends on the course of luck.
Good luck


i’ll hav a go anyway wish me luck, i’ll let u know how it goes


Hi AZ,

Regarding your deloitte’s re-application, how did it go? Did you get throught the HR system? Ive got the same situation with you, and I want to re-apply it before 12-month period. Thanks