Poor A Level Results - First Class Degree, where do I stand?



Just wondering if anyone has had any experience or has heard of anything similar.

I didn’t do brilliantly at GCSE’s and A-Levels (this was due to extenuating circumstances with a medical condition). I got a B in Maths GCSE but a C in English GCSE and my A Levels are average as well. However now my health is better and maintained, I’ve just finished second year with a first and hope to graduate with a first. But most companies want a 2:1, 300 UCAS points and a B in Eng GCSE as well. Do I have a chance with top 25 firms? I know PWC and maybe EY have scrapped UCAS but the majority haven’t.

Thank you!


Hi mweb7

I think it’s highly likely that if you end up graduating with a first-class degree, and make reference to your medical condition that affected your GCSE and A-level grades when you apply, you will be considered. As you say, PwC and EY now ignore UCAS points, and I think it’s highly like that KPMG and Deloitte will follow suit. Both make mention of extenuating circumstances with UCAS points I believe.

Basically, go ahead and apply to every firm you would like to work for!


Hi there, so I work in corporate tax for Grant Thornton in a regional office.
To be perfectly honest Grant Thornton didn’t really care about what my grades were, they only use that as an indication that you’ll pass ACA exams etc. Like you said other firms (EY, pwc ) don’t care about your grades anymore. Just apply, obviously some roles do have UCAS requirements but for the most part you’ll be fine.

Another thing they don’t really care so much about what uni you went to or even your grade/course etc. I found that quite surprising, at GT they care more about whether you fit in with the company culture etc.

This is just my experience at a regional office at GT so take that as you will. I can’t comment on big 4 or London offices, I’ve been told they are way more competitive.

To answer your question, yes you do stand a chance with a top 25 firm, hell you’ll do fine for a top 6/ big 4.

Good luck!