Planning applications


Hi everyone I have a questions I was hoping you could answer for me.

I’m a recent May 2008 graduate and I’m in the middle of preparing my applications to graduate schemes for '09 entry. My question is that I can’t decide whether to apply now while I’m ready, or wait a few weeks (or even up o 6 weeks) for the university career fairs to begin.

I know connections and networking makes a difference, but I can’t decide whether waiting and getting a connection will be better than applying early and being one of the first to get my applications in.

The career fairs that I’m talking about are the national graduate career fair, and other career fairs at universities in the Leeds and Manchester area.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


So you just graduated and you’re planning to apply now for 2009 start and take a gap year until then?

[[careers fair|Careers fairs]] are useful, but I wouldn’t say you need to have been to one before making [[job applications]]. Whilst you may make good contacts and get a few email addresses at a careers fair, getting to know one or two people from a company (from a five - ten minute conversation) won’t make a massive difference to your chances of getting interviews or job offers, although it could help a little bit.

Applying early is strongly advised, but holding on for a couple of weeks won’t make a big difference to your applications either. …e.g. Applying in March 2009 for jobs which opened for applications in Sept 2008 isn’t a good idea - but applying in October 2008 for jobs which opened applications in Sept 2008 would be fine.

However, what you might find is that many companies haven’t opened their 2009 application systems yet anyway and that you might have to hold on until mid to late September until they do.

It sounds like you’re over worrying to be honest rumblebumble! …good luck and let us know if you have any more questions.


Hi Superted, thanks for your response, it’s good to have some reassurance.

I don’t really plan to take a gap year but last year my applications weren’t successful (and I must admit I wasn’t very organized either). This year I’m on top of my game and I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything correctly.

I plan to apply to programmes that have a Spring '09 start, do some temporary work, and also study for the CFA level 1 exam, in the meantime.

Thanks for your responses all over wikijobs, they’re much appreciated.


It’s all about organisation and accuracy when making [[job applications]]. Spend time perfecting each application before you send it out. It sounds like you’ve realised this anyway…

Temp work is a good idea. Good luck - keep us posted on your progress.


Just get on the case and apply early. Contacts made at career fairs aren’t that big a deal. I think you would benefit massively from applying early. If you were cheeky you could apply again in the same season if you were rejected the first time. Though they don’t technically allow this, I’ve seen it work for someone getting an accounting job.