PKF salary


Ive been lucky enoough to reach the final stage of the PKF selection process and just wondered if anyone knew the starting salary outside london?



£18,000 outside London for 2010


Generally the mid-tier firms such as GT, BDO, Baker Tilly, PKF will offer 1-1.5k less than Big4


Anyone know what the starting salary is for London in 2010?


I just got offered £16250 for a regional office. Im in shock! If I knew it that low of wouldnt have applied.


Really? That is pretty shocking…I take it you’re going to reject the offer then?


Thats actually dreadful. What sorta area are you in? NE, NW etc?



Im actually from Norwich. Its not a big city but you cant rent anywhere for less then £400/£500 per month. I literally wouldnt be able to afford to take the offer :(. It makes me sad because if I was aware of how low it was from the outset I wouldnt have applied. It states on the website that it is a competetive salary/ market rate. I dont no anybody thats got an offer that low.

I hope I dont offend anyone. Good luck with your job search


I am quite surprised at that. Any indications on how regularly they would review your pay?


No clue at the mo, will let you know once its clarified


I can understand your frustration at it being so low. However, make sure you can secure something else before rejecting this.
Although you are starting on a pretty low salary, you can always transfer within their offices where the salary is bigger. Also, bear in mind that they will be paying your tuition fees and once you qualify, you will be able to move to better places.

Good luck with whatever decision you take!


Hi, does anyone know what the salary is for Leeds 2010? I’m very surprised that the salary is so low stolworthy1, but think very carefully before rejecting the offer. After all, it’s the qualification that you’re aiming for and once you have this under your belt there will be amples of opportunities in the future.



I never said I was rejecting Lol. I actually really liked the people. I am going to have to rethink about moving/ house share for the first year. Thanks for the comments though. I am just happy that I got offered something as it such as competitve market at the mo.


congrats on the offer.
shame about the salary though must agree.
good luck with it though.



Can anyone tell me what the starting salary is for the London officer graduate scheme?