PKF first interview


Hi does anybody know what to expect in the fist interview with PKF. For example what sort of questions will they ask you. Thanks


This was a very laid back and friendly interview. They pretty much just went over my application form and asked a few questions here and there regarding my answers and my current job. They didn’t specifically ask for any competencies either. Just be friendly, positive and let them see your personality.


I’ve got a first interview with PKF tommorrow morning, just wondering if anyone has anything to add to what Sokas said above? or Ben how did your interview go (if it’s been) ?


I had my interview last week and think sokas’ advice is exactly right. It was really laid back and just went through my application. I’m not sure how much preparation you can really do for it because I think its about letting your personality shine through. Just go in and be natural and be prepared to elaborate on your application and I think you should be fine. Good luck.
ps. Which office are you applying to?


I’m applying to Edinburgh mate, really liking the look of PKF


My interview went fine and at the end I was told I was going to be put forward to the next round of the application process. The interview lasted about an hour and we went through my application form and I was asked why I decided to go to my university and why I choose my degree subject. I was also asked how I thought the credit crunch would affect PKF and also to name three factors which made a successful business. The rest of the questions were quite predictable and are covered in the competency question section on the wikijob website. I’m not sure whether PKF have set questions they ask you though so it may just depend on the interviewer what you get asked. My interviewer just told me she wanted to get to know me etc. Good luck Chris it should be fine.


I thought my interview went well, guy was really nice actually, only lasted half an hour mind you so if your saying yours was an hour that can’t be good for me

Also he never said at the end I was going forward, just said they’ll let me know within a week!
What office did you apply to Ben? I’m quite scared now lol


I applied to their bham office. I wouldn’t worry about not being told if you were going forward at the interview. I haven’t heard back from them since my inteview which was about two weeks ago which is beginning to make me worry lol. I’m sure each office has there own style.


Just heard back from PKF there, been invited to a 2nd interview :smiley:

Apparently it’ll consist of a case study about leisure industry, any ideas what that could be about? and a partner interview :S

You heard back yet Ben?


lol no I haven’t heard back yet. my interviewer said it might be a while until I heard anything but I’m beginning to worry now :s. Any info on the second interview would be good though. When is your interview Chris?



Like I said there’s a case study (any info or tips much appreciated) and a partner interview. You get all the stuff on the day for it though so I have no idea what to do!


hey chris how was your interview? i found out yesterday that my second interviews gona be on the 26th. just wondering if u could giv me any info on the case study. got one on the leisure industry and health clubs which i guess is the same as u had. how was the partner interview? what questions did you get asked etc and how long were u their for. if anyone else has any info that would also be great.


Hi Ben,

Well I had my partner interview yesterday, not sure if it’s right or allowed? to tell you what it was but since I’m a nice guy I’ll give a rough idea from what I remember

You go in, get 75 mins to prepare case study. It’s on liesure industry, a health club chain, you have to basicly give 4 recommendations, make notes etc
Comment on strategy, weaknesses that sort of thing, all the info you need is given in the handbook I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Then the partner will interview you, can’t say what your experience will be like because you’re applying in B’ham so diff partner. The partner I met was quite nice really, didn’t just throw q’s at me he actually seemed to discuss things, asked me a belter though, “whats your 3 main weaknesses?” didn’t expect that!

So yeah basicly you’ll talk about your recommendations, things you’ve picked up from the case study for about 40 mins, then we went on to talk about me for the remainder of the time. BTW I was in there for 3 hours solid nearly lol, got chatting to him at end about ICAS exams and stuff he scared the life out of me.

Don’t worry too much, PKF seem good, more open in interviews than I’ve heard of others, he’ll focus on you to see if he thinks you would fit in to the office and if you have the commitment to pass ICAS or ICAEW exams, so basicly if your worth their investment.

You’ve got this far, just keep up the same thing and you should be fine, I should hear back in a couple of days


Thanks for writing that up. I’ve got the online tests to sit, so hopefully I’ll be having your experiences quite soon too.


cheers for the info chris. sounds like it went well for you if the partner spent 3 hours talking to you. let me know if they make you an offer. would be good to know what sort of wage they offer. accountancy firms seem very secretive about hot much they pay graduate trainees lol.


That’s the thing, I have no idea what the wage is, bottom line I suppose is people will say getting your CA is most important.

Thing is HBOS offer 24k and ICAS, so not sure what to do about that if I get to go to an assessment centre

Not that I’m all about money obv but 24k is a hell of a wage to start on


Well I got the letter through today that I was unsuccessful, don’t know why mind you
Going to phone them on Monday and ask for feedback, really gutting tbh


o dear. im sorry to hear that. im suprised considering the partner talked to you for so long. would have thought that indicated you had done well. problem with accountancy graduate jobs is that ther is so much competition for them. on the bright side at least you’ve had practice at a partner interview so you’ll know what to expect in the future and can improve on it. did they give you any feedback? good luck with your hbos application.


I phoned today but the woman dealing with my app said they haven’t recieved feedback yet, or it’s in the post.
She said she basicly just got an email saying ‘reject the following candidates’, which is a bit gutting.

Looking on the bright side though it was good experience in interviews, hopefully feedback won’t be too bad when I get it back and I can use some of the experience I have gained in future interviews.

It’s beginning to look like I’ll need to wait until I have my degree


Hi…how did your online tests go? i’ve got to complete mine too and wondered (if you’ve taken them already) if there are any exchange rate or inflation questions?Because really dont know how to work these out. Am fine with the rest of it, but dont want to come to do the numerical test for real and get a shock!Please help!!Thank you