PKF assessment day


Hi all,

I have an assessment day for PKF coming up and was just wondering if anyone has any information about the day, what it involves etc. I know that there will be a case study given in advance for a written exercise but does anyone have any information regarding this? There seems to be a lot of information about the etray for other firms but nothing about PKF!

Any information would be much appreciated.


I also have an assessment day for PKF in some days.
Could anybody give me some information about the case study, the kind of questions, etc.?
Sokas how was your experience and the result?

thanks a lot!


hey i have mine coming up can you give any of your experiences thanks



I have just taken a second interview at PKF…

You will be given details of the theme of the case study on the day and so will be allowed to do prior reseacrch and use all of those writtten notes in the case study exercise…

It consists of a 1 hour 15 min case study where you have to read an article and produce 4 reccomendations and then a 30 min chat with manager about thse reccomendations. This is followed by a 40 minute chat with a partner about everything in your application and maybe the case study as well.

Although being allowed to use the notes helps you have to have a good idea about them as time is still very limited…


Hi i have my case study next week

i am really nervous as this is my first assessment centre and I dont no wat to expect :frowning:
how did u guys find the case study?? what level of difficulty was it??

In terms of the case study interview how many questions roughly were you asked/?? and were they hard aswell??

i have had a email thru and it states mine is with 3 people :frowning:


Hi, has anyone had a recent assessment day. I was just wondering exactly what is involved and what it is like. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi everyone,

I have my assessment day soon and I was just wondering whether there will be a re-test of the numerical on the day?

many thanks…Tan


Yes theres retesting! sorry if its too late for your assessment day!


thank you… and again well done for getting through!!



i have my AC v.soon in like 2 days so I was wondering whether you could give me some tips on the case study.
what were the main points you poicked out and what type of questions were u asked by the partners when it came to the case study?

thanks so much for your help


Assessment day is not too bad; you have to re-sit the electronic test and have two rounds of interviews. It is very male dominated, and only on women who was the HR lady. .

case study was about a gym and first interview is based on this.