PKF application put on hold?



I attended an assessment day with PKF over a week ago and they just got back to me saying: “After careful consideration, we have decided to put your application on hold.”

Could this possibly mean that they’ve already offered the positions to other people and are waiting for them to decide, and if they turn them down then they’ll offer it to me? Or maybe they just want to see more candidates before they make their decision?

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what was the outcome?

Thanks guys.


Well done for getting so far through the process! I don’t have the same experience as you. I sent my application in Nov and received an email in Dec:

“We have now received almost 500 applications to our London office (most of which meet our academic requirements), for just 6 available roles. In order to keep the process moving we are currently progressing around 25 applications per week…We do not wish to waste your time in asking you to begin our process without the belief that you will be able to finish it.”

I still haven’t heard anything from them, I’ve considered that as a rejection…oh well.

They really don’t have many positions, so competition is really high! They’ve put your application on hold which means they do like you, but they probably have to interview some more candidates before making the final decisions.

Hope you get the job!!


hi is anyone starting at pkf in london in september 2011?