Picture on LinkedIn/online job application website


Hi all,
I have made my profile in LindIn, Gradireland, Irishjobs.ie but i havent uploaded my image on either of those profiles…Is it important to upload images . What kind of images are acceptable on them e.g is my passport picture suitable on it?
I dont like to upload my image on social network /publicly so I wanted to avoid uploading it as my profile picture.
What should i do ?
Kind Regards,


Hey Fatima,

Generally speaking your profile is taken more serious by recruiters if you have a picture than if you don’t. It seems like people generally (and specifically recruiters)

are more interested in profiles with pictures. Statistics on Linkedin show that profiles with pictures get a lot more attention in terms of views, connections and contacts (I’m not sure exactly but I think it’s at least 4 times as many views).

It’s understandable that you don’t want to be public with your personal data and link that with your picture, but if you want to increase your chances of getting job offers, making connections and potentially getting hired, I would say a picture is a definite plus.

Why not have your picture taken professionally and use that as your profile picture?