Phone Interview with MF Global


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Has anybody attended a phone interview with MF Global via Easywebrecruitment for a graduate scheme ? If yes, Can someone tell me what the questions are like ? It is supposed to last 30 40 minutes.

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Could I ask you when u made ur application and when is ur interview?


I made my application last week, I dont know when the interview is going to be. I cant find any information about MF Global phone interview.


Same situation here. Made the application last week and have been contacted regarding a phone interview. Hard to find any info regarding the interview out there however i’m presuming that questions will be role related, company related and CV related. Fingers crossed…

However if anyone has any tips or knowledge regarding the 1st stage interview please feel free to help out,

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Same with me. Got interview next week. Any insight prior to that will be great.


Got a phone interview next week… has anybody had one yet?


hey, i had my phone interview last week.

its a structured interview, starting off with some general questions like what attracted you to the role, why mf global

then some competency questions, when did you work as an effective member of a team, name a risk you took in either your personal or professional life and what was the outcome, etc.

then they move on to questions about mf global, if you do your homework its easy, go on mf globals website and they have a factsheet which has the main points (but only use that as a starting point, research more about the company) one question i was asked that fucked me up was can you tell me who the ceo is and tell me a bit about him.

and then they just discuss the role start dates etc. all in all about 30-40 mins

the guy sits there listening typing away taking notes as your answering, over all a simple interview, pity i messed up by not researching the role or company much…


Many thanks Haris for your sharing


Great, thanks very much! Be interesting to know how many of us end up working for them.



Harris, this sounds extremely similar to my experience, right down to the CEO question stumping me… what was annoying is that I did know his name but drew a complete blank when he asked me! I knew everything about the company he asked but I think the CEO question will kill the interview, I’m supposed to find out by tomorrow. Has anyone heard from them since their interview? The next stage is an assessment centre which is unusual straight after the telephone interview!


asking about the ceo is being extreamly particalular… how in depth/ technical do they ask about mf global?


Thank you Haris and ineffable. Would you mind sharing any of the other questions you got asked?

Good luck to everyone.


ineffable did you hear back from them?


No I didn’t, I don’t know why I keep expecting these people get back to me when they say they will, how very silly of me.


has anyone made it to the maths test yet?


I have been told today via email about myself have been selected for the next stage of the recruitment process, which is to test your ability to solve mathematical problems via 2 seprate online technical tests.

U.K. Financial Maths
U.K. Maths Word Problems

Each test will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Once completed, the results will be assessed with MF Global, then will be told if we have been successful for the next stage which will be an invitation to take part in an assessment centre with MF Global, these assessment centres and due to take place on the following dates, according to the email today.

1st June – Front Office
7th June – Front Office
8th June – Corporate Staffing
10th June – Front Office
14th June – Corporate Staffing

Hope this helps. Any more of us have into the next stage? In any way we can practice it?


thanks for the info! how did you get on in the maths? what sort of questions is it?


anyone have any idea what those “UK Financial Math” and “UK Maths Word Problems” are?

are they like stochastic calculus and stuff?


Hey guys, I am particularly addressing my post to yangmark, fingersxd and thequant.
I was wondering if you guys found out some practice tests or anything relevant to the “UK Financial Maths” and “UK Maths Word Problems” tests? I couldn’t find anything relevant on the supplier Kenexa or google… so what sort of questions are you expecting?

Also, when are you planning on completing the tests? the deadline wasn’t specified in the email I received yesterday.

Best of luck


dear FingersXd,

you passed the telephone interview and the next process is a maths test?