Phillips 66 Phone Interview



Got a telephone interview coming up with Phillips 66 and just wondering if anyone has had one before and could share their experience?




I have mine this week too. You?


Hi afc32109! I hope your interview went well. Do you mind sharing your interview experience? Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks


I hope your interview went well and would you mind sharing the interview experience?


What did everybody interview goes? Would you mind sharing the interview experience?


General q’s - should be ok if you konw company history plus speak well - anyone through to face - face interviews


yes was just why philips, why are you the best candidate? etc…
Yeah I got through to the face to face interviews when is yours?




How did your face to face interview go? Mind sharing the experience, any body knows if thats the final stage?


If anyone is through to the next stage after the face-to-face interview?