Petroplus - Graduate/Intern Schemes


Hi there,

I’ve recently stumbled upon wikijobs and it seems a friendly, knowledgeable website.
The company i’m interested in is Petroplus, specifically their internship scheme.

I understand it will be the usual application form, numerical/ verbal/ physcometric testing and then an AC day however

They have included a technical test after the initial application form! I’ve searched around and can’t find any specific details on it so it’s hard to know what to study.

Does anyone have any experience of this?




What are u applying for? If it is Control & Instrumentation…u shld be expecting basic questions in O’Level physics,: transformer windings, boiling point of water at high altitudes, wheatstone bridge, electric circuits in parallel etc…u shld not av a problem scaling that stage as they are fundamental ohysics questions…I passed it so you should!