Pls, has anyone attended Petrofac’s assessment before? I urgently need some information.


I am wondering the same thing? chyke what area have you applied for, is it in the Aberdeen office?


Yea, i applied for the metering engineer. What of you? and when is your assessment.


I applied for the finance graduate programme. Mines on Friday, no idea what to expect. Whens your assessment centre?


Mine is on Friday too. We’ll meet there. Good luck!


Hey Guys,

Could someone tell me what the petrofac assessment days are like?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Attended one on 12 Feb 2013. First hour a Presentation by their VC for all attendees and further varying activities for a group of applicants. In my case at 10 a team building exercise where there was three of us and shockingly been put in room without even knowing their names and briefed with pieces of Lego where you will be asked to build something to one they already have built where the team will on be given 8 Glances of upto 8 seconds each and ensure colour matching of the construction (roughly 40 minutes) Then there was 5 tests verying silly timed tests which no human can finish within the given time fram so no need to panic about. Then half an hour lunch break and Interview and Presentation of say Uni Project for 40 minutes total. Then they will take you for a tour around the office building, gyms, parking,etc. After all that you are done. Obviously I did not got the Job because acording to their feedback I failed the Team Building exercise and Technical bit (I may agree to this but not the Team building bullocks)


I was at the assessment centre on the 21st of February and to be honest I found it really pleasant!

The people are extremely kind and actually helped calm the mood. As per the comment above following the presentation by the VP the day is split into 4 main sections:

Interview/Presentation - lasts about an hour. Technical and standard competency questions. Also helps to be clued up on current news relating to industry. I mentioned about the recent oil find in Brazil, joking that I wouldn’t mind moving there before the World Cup, to which me and the interview panel had a little laugh. (which definitely lightened the mood)

Team building - group of four with the same building task. In all fairness the comment above defeats the purpose of team building. I went in not knowing who the others were, the first thing we did was to introduce ourselves to each other. After which just make sure you contribute and listen. Also a bit of friendly conflict (no punching) does help as the examiners ask you you how resolve conflict.

TST testing - completely agree with previous comment. Silly tests with no chance of finishing so just do the best you can do. Remember to be fast and accurate.

The tour - pretty self explanatory. Big building lots of people and shiny things.

Be positive and confident the people at Petrofac are nice and extremely helpful. If you have something to offer I’m sure they would happily take you on.

Forgot to mention I got offered the job and all in all the entire process took around 3 weeks (from telephone interview to offer).

Good luck to you!



I had my telephone interview for the graduate finance programme yesterday and got a phone call this morning saying I’d been invited to the AC next Tuesday. What positions had you guys applied for?


Mine was Instrumentation and control engineer graduate position but there were wide other engineering fields such as mechanical, electrical, structural and civil as far as I can recall. So not quite what yours looks like.


Hi, sorry for the late reply! I applied for the Graduate Project/Planning Management scheme. In any case have you heard back yet? If not you should hopefully here back by next week.