Personal Study



The way things are at the moment it’s getting harder to get training contracts. Being the sort to always try and plan ahead, I was wondering - is it possible to study for CIMA or ACCA on your Jack Jones (paying for it yourself) and then get a job later on to build up your three-year experience? If it is technically possible, does know of anyone’s personal experiences? I don’t think you can do this with ACA but am I mistaken?



I think you can - you can do it at [[BPP]] or other private educational institutions - but it will cost £10,000 plus and furthermore, when you get the qualification you still won’t be fantastically employable - most of your competitiors will also have the qualification PLUS three year’s of hands on work experience. I recommend you get a [[Training Contract]]!


Red. is right but Big4 look for experienced hires as well. Experienced-study for ACA/ACCA/CA/CIMA while you work as a bookkeeper, accounts assistant, any other related minor roles at least. You should be fine then. I know some guys doing so and getting in. Speak to BPP they will guide you.

Good luck