Perm job via agency or direct ? Major investment bank


Hi all, first ever post after lurking for a while.

I have 15 years experience in technology in financial sector. I’ve been approached by an agency recruiter for an attractive job in a well-known IB.

Now I’ve also found the job independently on the bank’s job page.

Question: is there any advantage in applying via the agent or direct ? The salary range is quite wide but I want at the top of the range to reflect my skills.

If I go direct to IB they will have to pay no fee to the agency (on 100K job this might be 20K or more ?) so maybe then they are more flexible in negotiating my salary ?

On other side… the agent will be far more skilled at negotiating and could help my case upwards, better than I could myself ? And the agent may already have a relationshop established with the Bank/ line manager/HR.

At what point is the salary discussed usually ?

SO … Agent or Direct ?

Personal interest: I don’t like middle men like agents so if all things are equal I would keep him out.


Hi there…first question is to ask the agent if they are reained by the Bank. If yes, then go through the agent as they will be able to present you directly to the hiring manager rather than you getting lucky with the Bank’s CV scanning software.

If they are not retained, then the agent has probably trawled a database, saw the role and matched some people to it in the hope of securing a comission. However thay may have experience or a relationship with the bank or the HR department so you still may get a better chance of getting your CV in front of the hiring manager than just by applying via the company website.

Regardless, I dont think you will get much mileage saying that you should get more salary because you saved on agent’s commission. The banks are used to paying for a recruitment service when needed. It is just another cost when doing business.