Perenco Vs Siemens


Hi Guys

After working so hard for a very long time, I have received job offers from two companies ; Siemens and Perenco and I am really confused which one to join. Siemens is a really big company and has a really structured graduate program while perenco is a small company in oil and gas industry. Perenco is in a small village ;Great Yarmouth and I am really hesitant to go to perenco as I have lived almost all of my life in London. All of my mates and relatives are saying join perenco as oil and gas industry has a really good future and in small companies there are more learning and growing opportunities. Money is not a concern at this point of my life as I want to make the right decision ;though perenco is paying me more

Please let me know what you guys think ?

Thanx in advance


Which one did you join in the end?