Does anyone know what they actually mean?

Online test results tend to be in percentiles but i don’t really get what that means…?

Is anyone aware of what percentile is generally required to go through to the next stage?



It basically means that out of a Sample group of X number, you were in Y percentage.

For example, lets say that 1000 people took the test and you found that your were in the 75th percentile: this means that you did better than 750 people who also took the test. In other words, you were in the top 25% of the sample size!!!

hope this makes it clear!


Absolutely right. The percentile required for next stage varies from company to company, and from test to test. Quite often recruiters take the test into consideration with your general application, so if your application and academics are very good, even a poor test result might get you through to the next round.


Ok great! So we don’t really know the sample size, so say you get told you got 66 percentile… we can judge that means you are in the top 34% of the sample size right? cool!


where does it tell you what percentile your in? I just got an email saying i passed the Deloitte tests but it doesnt say anything about percentiles…?


Some firms don’t disclose that kind of info! You could try calling them up, it worked for me. I don’t see what the big deal is and why some firms can’t give feedback in this way, particularly if you’re not successful in the online tests. They’re just numbers…


Yeah i was told by deloitte that in my numerical test, i was in the 99th percentile and the verbal 72 percentile! i have no idea what the sample size is, but i would say is around the 5000 mark.

I just hate those verbal tests…lol


Hmm Dublin… so are your results not great then? Coz that means you’re within the 1% of top performing candidates for numerical and within the top 28% of candidates in the sample size for verbal? confusedddddd!


Sorry for the confusion! Yeah the HR lady at deloitte told me that my numerical test was very impressive and the verbal results were good. Its just me, i just set myself high standards, so kind of disappointed with my verbal results. I hope i haven’t come across as arrogant !!

what places have you applied to?


Well done! Those results are excellent! I personally think if i get passed any online tests it’s a great enough achievement for me but it’s always interesting to find out how you’ve performed as well lol.

I’m not applying for the Big 4, not too keen on working for such a big firm. Just applying from other firms within the top 10, although some take so long to get back to you! I’m keen on Tenon and i’ve sat the online tests and found out my result but i’m just waiting for them to tell me if i’m through to interiews or not. Well i hope so anyway!

What about you? Are you in Ireland? :slight_smile:


Lol …what makes you think I’m from Ireland!! Ahh wait don’t tell me, it’s the name! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, as long as you come within the top 50th percentile, them you’ll be ok!!

Did you apply to Baker Tilly? I’ve got an assessment centre coming with them!

Have you graduated or you still at uni?


oops ma bad! Yea i was jst judging by the name lol

Well they said i got 80 for the numerical and 66 for verbal… so for me that’s gd! I had been missing the pass rates for other online tests i completed, particularly the verbal and i think that’s down to the fact that i wasn’t getting much practise. But now that i’ve sat a few proper online tests i feel i’ve got to grips with them and i’m now only basing my answers on what i read for the verbal tests (common sense i know, but i don’t know why i wasn’t doing that!)

Yea i did apply to Baker Tilly, was a couple of % off their pass mark. Ach well, i think these things happen for a reason and it means i wasn’t meant to work for them anyway!

Nah i’m still at uni, final year… scary stuff!!

Where else have u been applying?


watson wyatt, I’ve got an assesment centre comimg up soon!! so fingers crossed. Are you from a finance background? Cos im not, so worried about and financial questions they may ask me!!




Even though i am from a finance background i’m still worried about the business Q’s too! I’m just gonna swot up and try and follow a business story through so i’ll know what i’m talking abt! Good luck :slight_smile:


hi, just wondering if those who’ve had a first round interview with Watson Wyatt had any tips or remember the questions? I’m not from a finance or even numerical background so really need all the help I can get!