PE or Investment Banking?



I need a career advise. After working as an intern for 9 months in Asset management, I was offered a role in a Private Equity services firm. this firm provides Fund services to PE firms and is very successful and expanding. Also, I am currently awaiting a middle office from a leading Investment manager. Now the Investment Manager is a big player and has shiny brand name. The PE job is already offered and I am yet to say yes. Do I wait for the IM interview results or should I go ahead with this PE job?

In case I go ahead with PE job, please can someone advise on my chances to move back into IM/IB after one year of experience in PE? Will I get any opportunities in future? I am thinking of taking a certification like CFA or IMC along with the PE job. I am very confused abou this now. Please can someone help me with the decision.



Hi there,

It depends where you want to be in 5-10 years, however I would recommend the PE job as it will encompass the most from a commercial/ deals perspective and give you a wider range of skills. A lot of people who go in to PE/ IM have the CFA and so it is a good thing to do (especially if the firm will fund you to do it!)
If you start in a middle office role and stay there for too long it can be difficult (but not impossible) to transition to PE/ front office. Just something to think about!

Note that these roles are really quite different! Research both and see what you would be most suited to/ excited by. For example, your PE job will probably involve more client interaction, however you will be more detailed oriented in terms of strategy possibly, in the middle office role.

I hope this helps! Good luck!