PCW Partner Interview - Edinburgh Assurance 2014


Hey all! I have my partner interview with PWC on Wednesday the 19th of March in Edinburgh. I’m applying for the Assurance Graduate Scheme, starting Autumn 2014 in Edinburgh.

I was just hoping for any advice or guidance people may have? Like it is laid back or quite formal? And does anyone have any idea to the types of questions asked? I’m really nervous as this is the only possible job I have on the go at the moment!

Also, I’ve heard from a couple of sources that you’re unlikely to get offered a job in Assurance if your degree is not in Accounting. Is this true? I am currently final year studying Maths.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there,

The final interview is dependent on the Partner/ Director, however in general they tend to be more relaxed than the first telephone interview and there is more opportunity to build rapport.

You will be asked more competency based questions, as well as questions in relation to your CV, experience, knowledge of the role, why PwC, what other roles you have applied for… etc. There are lots of threads re specific questions, however the key here is to be clear and precise in your answers and know your CV back to front! Also, be human. Show the interviewer you are someone they will be able to work with and can get along with the team.

You final comment isn’t true - you can be offered a job in Assurance with absolutely any degree! As long as you can prove you have the competencies required for the role.

I hope this helps! Good luck.