Paying for that premium service with wikijob


I am looking to get into investment management, and am considering whether to pay for the premium service with WikiJobs. Has anyone used it before? Is efinancialcareers the place to look for IM jobs?
Peace out brothers


I should probably stay out of this thread in the interests of objectivity… I’ll just point out though, that WikiJob guarantee ‘’ “unlimited feedback and revisions”’’, if you’re not ‘’ “completely satisfied with your CV review, for any reason”’’ … and I’ll add that to date, no one has ever asked for a revision, because they’re always completely satisfied :slight_smile:

Efinancial is a good place to look for jobs.


I had a review yesterday and it was very good.


I’ve not had one yet, but I’m looking to get one done soon. Chris and Ed really know their stuff, I’d definitely say it’s worth it.