Pay in Big 4? How do they compare?


Hi guys! I didnt find a topic on salaries in Big 4, and as we are all hiding behind our online user names it doesnt seem inappropriate to have a little discussion about pay in different Bif 4 firms.

I recently applied for an Associates position in PwC (experienced hire) and was asked to state my current salary in the application form. Why do you think that is? Does everyone get paid equally for the same level of position? How much is Associate’s and Senior Associate’s salaries at PwC and other Big 4 firms? Your participation would be great!


This is probably too late to be relevant to you, but hope it assists others. As you are an experienced hire, the company normally tries to match your current salary in order to remain competitive yet understand how much they can afford to have you - this of course I am sure you know. However this means there is a huge variety in salaries at your level - those with experience sought after will have a salary made attractive to them, and so I have heard of salaries ranging from as widely as 42-62k (GBP) at associate level! And to add to that, as a result we rank them informally as junior associates, mid-level associates, and senior associates - although of course we can only speculate as salaries are not made public as a general rule.
This is only in my particular company, it may be different for the others of the Big 4…

Hope this helps!

Kes x



Worth noting as well that most job applications (in general, not just accountancy or big four) ask for your current salary.

It can be a means of the business identifying if they can afford you - if you’re being paid significantly more than they can offer for the position there may be little point them spending the time interviewing you, etc, for you to turn the job down later.

Within the big four I’m pretty sure most firms try to benchmark against each other on their total salary/benefits packages - I’d be suprised if a move to a similar position in a different firm didn’t result in a largely similar remuneration package… although having never done this i’m sure someone will be able to say if i’m wrong!