Passed online PWC test but still rejected



I passed the online tests, in fact with distinction and I just got an email that my application will not be taken further. What could the reason be? Is it 'cos I am a foreigner? or cos i have already completed ACCA??? Someone please guide me what to do :frowning:


The best thing you can do is to write back to them and ask them why you have been rejected. They won’t go into detail but they can tell you exactly where you were lacking. The first time I applied, I got rejected because my career choice questions were not well-answered. And I don’t think it will matter much whether you are a foreigner or have done the ACCA. I’m an international student too, and I have made it past the testing stage so don’t worry it’s definitely not that. As far as ACCA goes, it depends on what you applied for. They might recommend you try for an experienced hire position as opposed to a graduate role.

Either way, I 100% recommend sending them an email and asking them as to why you have you have been rejected. Good luck!


The companies never give the reason for the application rejection. There are many possibilities like required qualification, number of vacancies, etc. In your particular case, legal technical issues are also considerable which are completely depended on companies. Most of the time employers try to avoid such situations. It is always better to apply such jobs through references or recruitment agencies. Now, take the follow up. The following blog gives an idea about How to Follow Up?