passed Deloitte 1st interview for 2008 intake but now in a dilemma!


hi everyone!

I had my 1st round interview with Deloitte for TA&A 2008 intake last monday (22/09) and I have been successful in getting through to the final a/c. Grad Recruitment called today to let me know but also said they are running out of places for this year’s intake.

they also said that a person who applied earlier than me to the same service line has their a/c tomorrow and only if they’re unsuccessful, will my application be considered for this years intake (that sounds really bad). However, the grad rec team have said I can still attend an a/c on 2nd oct if i want to or defer my application to next year.

what do i do? Of course, I want to put in the best level of effort into the final round and i don’t want to lose a golden opportunity due to lack of preparation.

I had my 1st interview with KPMG Audit 2009 today so i’d been busy preparing for that hence didnt consider preparing for the final partner interview…

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know…i’d really appreciate it…


also thank u so much for all your advice as well!!! i dont think i’d have got through otherwise…

if i’d found this site like last year i’ll probably be working in a big 4 firm by now!!! lolz


I’d take the 2nd October interview. You can’t prepare for the assessment centre, so to speak. For Deloitte it’s an electronic case study, which isn’t hard. You then have a partner interview about the case study and then about you in general. There are no set questions so not much preparation is needed. Go for it, and good luck!


Take the interview! I had my assessment day yesterday and you really don’t need to prepare anything more for the Partner interview- it is much more relaxed.


Thank u so much “b99” and “ezekiel” for your advice…

The person who applied earlier than me has recieved an offer, which means that my application will now only be considered for the 2009 intake. They also said that the 2nd of oct is now unavailable!

hopefully, i’ll be attending it on the 7th so will let u all know of the outcome!

thank u once again!


Just a question… don’t you have to do a presentation on a company? Were you asked more competency questions?



There was an informal “presentation” but this mostly consisted of arguing why you selected which company to merge with, and didn’t last more than 10 mins. The competency questions were also more relaxed eg “how well do you work in teams?”