PASS Interview


Hi guys

I have an interview with the PASS group the week after next. There doesnt seem to be anything on them on wikijob, has any1 attended an interview with them? If so, your experience would be much appreciated!



Hi, I have a telephone interview on friday morning for them. Have you had yours yet? If so, what was it like?


I’ve got a phone interview coming up with them soon too. Let us know how it goes?!


Hi, I had a telephone interview last week, and didn’t get through, but I think it was purely because of the little maths test they did which I completely failed despite getting through loads of numerical psychometrics and having a maths degree!! Anyway I was just completely unprepared for those types of questions so I’ll try and remember as much of the stuff as poss.

Ok so it began with stuff like:

Why accountancy?
Have you thought about any other careers?
What can you tell me about the firms we recruit for?

A few more but I can’t remember, possibly some of your average competency questions.

Then there was the maths test!!!

There were a few questions where he gave me a sequence of numbers and i had to say what came next, I would say quickly calculate the difference from each number to the next and you should see a pattern from that rather than just looking at the sequence given.

There was also a question that was something like what is 3.5% of 80.

And a question which asked you to add fractions with different denominators, this I found easy but some may not. so heres an example: What is 3/12 add 5/6? To add fractions you need the denominator to be the same so you just times the 2nd one by two and then add to get 13/12.

The other one I can remember was something like how many times does 13 go into 169.

By the way you get 20 seconds to answer each of these!

Then theres a spelling test with words like Millennium and Miscellaneous.

Good Luck!