Partner presentation


I have my e-tray and group exercises on tuesday, but my partner interview is on a different day. Fro those that have done it, I just wanted to know what format your presentation took - was it all about the current state of the company and what you thik they should be doing or did you start with the history of the firm and talk it through from there?


Hey… which company are you talking about…? :slight_smile:


i have my kpmg AC on monday and am preparing for it aswell.

im starting with a 1.5-2 min overview of the company.

then 6 mins explaining 3 ways it can grow

2 mins conclusion…


You won’t benefit much from talking about the history of the company- they are really looking for you to understand what a good business is and testing your ability to think. You can earn extra gold stars by suggesting how PwC/Deloitte/KPMG/E&Y could help - e.g. by offering tax advice or recommending takeover targets. Be careful however that you don’t start talking about something where you are out of your depth.


Thanks for all of that. It’s for KPMG Tax. I’m presenting on Jaguar-Land Rover because I know a lot about the automotive industry and they’ve just been taken over. I was thinking of proposing two more conventional growth strategies and one radical one - build wooden cars for the developing world (not as stupid as it sounds) and use KPMG tax experts to explore the tax implcations of the carbon off-setting potential of planting trees and using a renewable instead of steel and plastics.


I got a bit of feedback on my presentation from the partner who interviewed me over the phone the next day - it would seem the key things they are interested in are that you can identify good, solid ways for the business to improve, and keep the presentation interesting.

Also, like Chrism says, make sure you say how KPMG can help the company (not just with tax, demonstrate a knowledge of their other services!) and also suggest which idea you would implement first and why. With these two points if you don’t include them you will more than likely be asked!

And be prepared to defend/back-up your points :smiley: