Partner Interview


I had an interview with two partners of a law firm and during the interview they asked about my weaknesses. However, what I found quite surprising is that they are very interested in digging candidates’ weaknesses. What happened is that they kept asking me to say one more weakness after another.

In fact, I felt kinda awkward in that situation cos it seems like an endless question and it seems stupid to keep exposing your weaknesseSSS. So, just wanna know what will you guys do if you were in my situation.

What I did is that I just gave out two weaknesses and that after the partner asked me to give one more, I just said that’s pretty much the major weaknesses I heard from my family and friends. In fact, does it create a dishonest and bad impression to the interviewers? cos obviously, I hv way more weaknesses than the two I told them…

In fact, what is the best way to handle this sort of question?


The weakness question is a tough question to answer - that’s why it gets used so often. It’s not so much they want to find out about your specific weaknesses, but they really do want to see what you do when met with the difficult situation of potentially revealing you’d rather keep quiet!

I don’t think you handled the question badly. What weaknesses did you use? The best way to handle this type of question is to say something like, “one of my greatest weaknesses is not being able to let go of a project I’m involved in. Friends have told me I can become obsessive about work being completed” - in that example you turn the question around and reveal something they want to see in candidates (dedication) but cunningly make it sound like a weakness.

There some more information on this in the article [[common interview questions]] in the “strengths and weaknesses” section.