Part Qualified


I was wondering if anyone has any advice - I’m about to complete the first half of my ACA exams, so will have done all of my knowledge and application papers. I’ve passed them all first time so far. I am enjoying the qualification, but not the firm I work for, I spend all of my time not doing anything, and want to get more from my work.

So, I guess my question is whether it’s possible to change jobs part way through a training contract, and how I’d go about applying. Also, id it a good idea or should I just stick out my job for another year and a half til I qualify?

I’m not working as an auditor, so guess I couldn’t change into that, or would that still be an option?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,



Well once you have passed this set of exams you will have passed “Professional Stage” and I would think you would be a marketable commodity.
You don’t mention which firm you are with. They may want you to buy out from the remainder of your contract. If so, that is something you need to consider if you leave before you take your final three papers in the remaining 18 months of your contract.
You could try asking your firm to give you some more challenging work?
PwC are currently advertising for qualified staff to join their assurance depts. They may also want part qualified?
I would be inclined to stick out the next 18 months but in the meantime contact some good recruitment agencies so that they have your details ready for you being a newly qualified accountant ready to launch your career!


I dont think I should comment as I dont have a training contract, but I think you should stick it out.

When applying for a new job, they might want to know why you didnt complete your qualification at one firm which may not look good? Also as tutor said a company might want to buy out your contract, but some might want to hire you, but let you deal with the costs.


They will probably ask you to pay back training costs

There are jobs out there for PQ’s (cheaper than training someone from scratch, have some experience and less wages than a fully qualified person)