P&G: Third interview with the Director



After passing the Reasoning test and the initial screening interview, I was asked to come to P&G office in Saudi Arabia for the final round of interviews, which would consist of three one-one 1 hour interviews. I was also told that these would be the final.

After 3 days from the final interviews, I received a phone call from an HR officer asking me to come next week for one more interview with the Director. When I asked her about the reason, she told me that the Director was not in the country at the time of the three interviews and that after the three interviewers met they decided that they would like for me to have an interview with the director.

Have anyone been in such a situation? What do you think went on in my three interviews that made them want to interview me once more with their director? Is this a good or bad sign?



I think that would be a good sign, because I’ve been there also, and I had to meet the director just after meeting 3 managers, afterwards they took a 10 minutes reunion (which I was not part of) .