P&G Interview process



It was the standard png interview. All questions were around behaviour situations. Stay calm and have structured answers.
Which position and location are you interviewing for?


Position is Product supply (Associate manager). Location is multiple location.
Did they ask questions about previous organisation?


Where did you give your in person interview?


I gave mine in Mumbai,how about you?. All questions were around


Can anyone please help with this. What is the implication of taking the details?


Hey there! Even I applied to Mumbai (Brand Management Function) but haven’t received any mail about me passing or failing the assessment test. If you could please tell me a bit about the process and how you prepared, I’d be grateful. -Akanksha Email me at @ms.bluewriter@gmail.com please.



I gave the online assessment and got a call for f2f interview after a month or so. Then after that had f2f and onsite test. It was a simple test and standard P&G interview. Be yourself and well articulate


Hey, I’m just worried because there’s no change in application status on the site and yet the job submissions for Brand Management are closed. Another point is that Product Supply’s still accepting submissions but your interview is already done. What if Brand Management interviews are done too?
Also I’m not from Mumbai so I’m worried that it’s going to work against me.