P&G Interview process



It’s been 2 weeks since they called for the 2 telephone interviews… and I haven’t heard anything yet.

I am starting to think that this is a bad sign. They told me that they will contact me for any positive or negative answer, though…

any clues? is this normal?

(the interviews are for a PhD seminar and if your are selected you are elegible for working for P&G)



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anyone able to apply ? it says system error when I searched for jobs


do they respond immediately after completing the online success driver test?how long did they take for you?


Hey muasyaprince. In my situation they emailed me the next day (i applied on a sunday afternoon and I received an email monday morning), but I applied for Portugal and Spain, so they may take longer in other countries. Good luck!


Hi! I was wondering i havent recieved an email saying i got rejected but my application status says completed. Does anyone know what that means?



I have been invited to take P&G’s in-person Global Reasoning Test at P&G. It is a 65 minutes test and has 40 multiple choice questions. It has 3 sections- numerical reasoning questions, logic-based reasoning questions and figural reasoning questions. I would like to ask anyone who has taken the test the following questions

How was the test?

How many questions did each of the three sections have?

What advice do you have regarding how I can best prepare for it?
(especially since I would like to pass the test, get as high a mark and possible and be invited to the interview)



I applied for 2 positions as intern, for one position i got rejected straight away while for the second i got invited for an online assessment test. Does the invitation for the online test mean something (like my application fit the position) because the rejected position was fro Netherlands while the other on was for Belgium (perhaps different plants have different rules, although unlikely). Now my next step will be based on the test alone will they consider something else?

Thanks and regards



I got an invite to do a face to face interview as part of my application to the Financial Analyst role at Proctor & Gamble (P&G). I would like to ask anyone who has done this interview or any interview for any role at P&G the following questions.

What questions were asked during the interview?

Were all the questions strength/competency/motivation questions?

Were there any technical questions?

I would also like to ask what advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?





hi can you tell me after how many days of your online assessment you got the result ?. I just finished mine so was wondering when they will let me know of the results


after how long did you get your online assessment result ?. I just finished mine so was wondering when they would reply


Hey! Did you ever find out what “completed” meant? And how did your application go?


Hello every body.
I have done with my initia online assessment test 2 and a half week ago and didn’t got any response yet while my all other friends have recieved a rejection mail.
What you guys recommend ?
What could be the reason?
Suggestions please!


Same here! Did u get a call from them ?


Hi, so I have completed my final interview at P&G. I’m still not sure how it went. Many say not to worry because it seems getting into final interview means you are hired. Is it?


I applied to P&G for a position in India, I am in India as well. I passed the online assessment, was called for in person interview 20 days back. Had two in person rounds, went pretty decent in my opinion. Gave the on-site reasoning test as well. A week back the HR asked me to share payslips, notice period and other details over email. Since then I have not heard anything on this. What does this mean?


Hi! Even I have been invited for an interview with P&G this week. What profile were u interviewed for?


Hi Harshavardhini_R

Congratulations on being selected for interview.
I did for product supply function. How about you?


Same function.

Would you please give me your personal mobile numer to my mail id : durairaj1936@gmail.com. I want to ask regarding the interview. Thanks.